Transforming an Ionic 2 app into a PWA

Hello all! So by now i'm sure you have heard all about the PWA support in Ionic 2. Because Ionic is built purely with web technology (Angular, Sass, TypeScript), it can run just as well as a PWA in the browser as it can wrapped in Cordova and installed to your device. Today I would like to show just how easy it is to take an Ionic 2 app that we have built and make it ready for deployment as a PWA. We will start completely from scratch, with the Ionic Conference app (standing in for an app you have built), turn it into a PWA, and then learn what we should deploy when were ready! Now, this is going to be kind of a short guide, as there are not many things that have to be done to turn your Ionic app into a PWA, but I consider that a good thing!

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